“Funky Rigger” Brian is ready to go!

The first auction of the Runrig Bear Band is over and “Funky Rigger” Brian will move in with Alexander Sarther. There is already another Crumblebear waiting for Brian, so he will definitely be in good company. So, congratulations, Alex and many thanks also to everyone else for your interest.

Bear Band colleague Calum, of course, did not miss the chance to say goodbye to Brian before leaving. The “Lyrical Rigger” will know at the latest on 14 April, where he will find a new home and we are already very excited. If you want to bid you can do that on the auction site for Calum, the first bids have already been received.

Incidentally, the Runrig Bear Band has special birth certificates bearing the Bear Band logo. That means you always know when your bear was born and what makes it special.