Runrigger “Alba Edition” 2018

Runrigger ALBA is a very special bear and he knows it. He loves all things scottish, especially Haggis and Irn Bru. For a sip of whiskey now and then but he has nothing to object and therefore gets a wee bottle as an emergency ration with in his new home, so he settles easier.

To keep him entertained and friendly just sing Runrig songs as often as possible. If you’re on holiday in Scotland, you must take him with you. He’s also very interested in learning a few words Gaelic.

Additional information

DATE OF BIRTH: 16.09.2018
SIZE: 40 cm
WEIGHT: 470 g


The raffle

And this is how you get a chance to win the Runrigger ALBA Edition:

  1. You can buy lots for 5.00 Euro each, per participant a maximum of 20 pieces
  2. Fill out the form below with your name, e-mail address and the desired number of lots.
  3. Send the amount via PayPal timely from the same email address as indicated in the form to, so that we can allocate the payment.
    So for example if you want to buy 3 lots, you will send 15.00 Euro via PayPal.
  4. We will then create lots according to the amount and put them into the lot pot.
  5. The draw of the lucky winner and thus new owner of the Runrigger takes place on 1 December 2018 in Glasgow. Glasgow the Caring City’s Neil Galbraith will draw the winner and we’ll announce how many lots have been bought and which amount the donation will be.

And now we wish all participants good luck and thank you in advance for your donations!

Participation form

    You need help?

    Simply use the contact form when you have questions or need help with the raffle. Of course you can also send an email directly to and we send a response as soon as possible.