The Runrig Bear Band

I have had this in mind for almost two years now, but sometimes things need time to get developed. Many of you may know that I’m a dedicated Runrig fan since 25 years. And I’m making handsewn teddybears of all kind. So, there was this dream in my mind to do the Runrig Bear Band. And now finally, Brian, the first band member will go to be auctioned on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

I will donate material, work and postage for all members of the Runrig Bear Band to wherever they will go. Starting bid for Brian will be 85,00 EUR, that‘s the standard price of bears of his size and material. The auction will end on March, 14 or earlier in case someone is donating 300,00 EUR.

The band name is officially authorized by Runrig and they have decided that all proceeds will go to Glasgow the Caring City charity. More information and general donation details can be found here:

I hope you like the idea and even more the bears! And btw, next one on auction will be Calum, starting on March, 15. He will be completely different in style and size since every bear is unique, just like the original band members!